Public Affairs

Convener: Rev Daniel Kane
Secretary: The Clerk of the General Assembly
Formerly know as the Council for Church in Society, this Council addresses current topical issues on which the Church seeks to have its voice heard clearly in the public square.  This is delivered by developing the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s thinking in key areas of public policy and communicating the General Assembly’s views on important areas such as education, youth, children’s, social, moral and ethical issues.

Part of this Council’s role is to develop relationships with the Westminster and Dublin Governments and Parliaments and the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly, making representations to them on behalf of the Church and responding to consultations from those bodies.

As a Church seeking to develop relationships with civic society, this Council will also provide nominations to education and other state bodies where the Church is a stakeholder.


Council Committee 
State Education Committee Convener: Dr A Brown


At the request of the Council for Church in Society, the General Assembly resolved to change its name to the Council for Public Affairs in June 2016.