Global Mission

Convener: Rev Stephen McCracken
Secretary: Rev Uel Marrs
Supporting the mission and service of PCI offered by congregations working together through the General Assembly forms the basis of the Council for Global Mission. Their remit will include developing mission overseas, including developing partnerships with Churches and sending personnel.

Promoting world development issues, including the co-ordination of an annual appeal will also be managed by this Council. Previous campaigns have supported countries such as Burkino Faso, Honduras, the Phillipines and Egypt.

Leading thinking within PCI and communicating agreed policy in the public square with regard to issues of global concern, such as the environment, race relations and international relations falls under this Council also.


Council Committees 

Global Mission Committee Convener: Mrs H Clements
Global Development Committee Convener: Rev Richard Kerr

You can find more about Global Mission news, people and resources here.