Prayer for Today


Prayer for Today

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Social Witness

A number of people, especially older people, have fallen victim to scams, and the numbers of scams is rising.

Pray for a greater awareness of scams and for the protection of people from them, including nuisance calls, telephone, postal and online scams.

Pray particularly for awareness of a potential new trend involving fraudsters trying to exploit the highly competitive property sales market by subjecting people to pressure sales.

Christopher and Nivedita Benjamin

Global Mission

Christopher and Nivedita Benjamin arrived in Gujarat, India yesterday on home assignment.

Pray for them as over the coming weeks they share with various congregations in the Church of North India about the work they are doing in London.


Deaconess, Mission in Ireland

Roberta Irvine is a deaconess serving in Greystone Road Presbyterian Church, Antrim.

Roberta writes, “We rejoice that our ongoing journey of Growing in Fruitfulness has been strengthened by prayer. Join us in praying as we seek God’s help and direction for the next season of our journey – implementing the findings.”

The youth fellowship put a lot of effort into their recent prayer room. Pray that they would keep praying and not be discouraged.

Roberta comments, “Our prayer triplets faithfully pray through adverse weather, health and busy schedules.” Pray that more people would be encouraged to take part in persistent prayer through the prayer triplets.

Small and Fruitful - Fresh Eyes for God’s Vision

Congregational Life

Most PCI congregations are grappling with the realities of finding themselves smaller than they used to be. While being realistic about doing so they also need to be encouraged to be fruitful in the ministry and mission they continue to develop for Christ and His Kingdom.

Pray for this regional event taking place in Richhill and for guest speaker Karl Vaters as he seeks to lift our heads and hearts to see how small churches are a big part of God’s plan.