Prayer for Today


Prayer for Today

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Mental Health

Social Witness

Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.

Pray for all those struggling with depression and who are not coping.

Pray for families as they support their loved ones, affording them patience and understanding.

Pray for all staff and volunteers working in the area of mental health.

Give thanks for volunteers who staff helplines to support those in need of advice and encouragement.

Give thanks for resources such as the Flourish materials and television campaign which promote the importance of seeking help and of talking through the issues.


Global Mission

Rev. John Faris gives thanks that his visit to the Church of North India Synod and the Diocese of Gujarat went well, with safety, good health and much to encourage.

Give thanks for the church in Gujarat which values its historic partnership with PCI, for their zeal in evangelism and a practical concern for the marginalised. Give thanks for the leadership of the Bishop, Rt. Rev. Silvans Christian, and those who work so hard with him. He says that “things are on the up”.

Pray for ways in which to deepen our partnership, not least by exchange visits between Ireland and Gujarat, and for wisdom as PCI’s Council for Global Mission considers various projects.

Tullamore and Mountmellick Presbyterian Churches

Mission in Ireland

Rev. William Hayes is the minister of Tullamore and Mountmellick Presbyterian Churches.

Pray for the life and witness of the Home Mission congregation of Tullamore and Mountmellick.

Pray for Rev. William Hayes, the elders and members of the congregation as they continue to reach out to the local communities.

Conciliation Panel

Committees and Panels

The Conciliation Panel under the Council for Training in Ministry is running training all day today for new members of the Conciliation Service. This will enable them to serve as conciliators and to deliver courses on conciliation to presbyteries, kirk sessions and other groups.

Pray for Laura Coulter, as she delivers the training this morning and afternoon, for those from the Panel who will assist her, and for all who attend, that there will be good learning, and a vision of how God can use the Conciliation Service for the good of the Church.

Presbyterian Children's Society

Congregational Life

Ministers are the Presbyterian Children’s Society’s presence in every Presbyterian congregation throughout Ireland.

Pray for ministers who administer the grants on behalf of the Society, that they are supported and encouraged in their work. 

Pray that as they visit families in the congregation they will continue to be sensitive to the needs around them.