Prayer for Today


Prayer for Today

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Linkage Commission

Committees and Panels

The Linkage Commission discusses with representatives of vacant congregations matters to do with their mission, manse and money (including an appropriate stipend and expenses level). And when agreement is reached it issues 'Leave to Call'. It also reviews settlements in congregations at regular intervals, gives permission for the appointment of youth workers, family workers and other additional pastoral personnel, and gives permission for alterations to church property.

Pray for the members of the commission as it meets today, and for delegations from congregations that they will receive. Remember before God the convener, William Henry, and the new chairman, Michael Barry.

PCI Intern Scheme

Congregational Life, Youth and Children

To mark the end of their year serving as PCI Interns, today will be a celebration lunch for those who have served this year.

Thank God for the huge contributions that Jack, Hayley and Paddy have made to their various placements this year and let’s pray that God would continue to lead and guide them in their future.

Hospital chaplaincy

Mission in Ireland, Chaplaincy

Ken Doherty serves as chaplain in the Mater Hospital, Belfast.

Pray that Ken and other healthcare chaplains will have the sensitivity to recognise the many faces of faith, so that they may speak or listen appropriately.

Pray for those who appear to have no faith at all.

Pray for those who are slow to believe.

Pray for the partnership of the chaplain and the home congregation, that it will be seen to be close and that it will be effective.


Global Mission

Steve Anderson sends the following prayer points from Torre del Mar Presbyterian Church:

Pray for four people who have no church background or faith connections who have come to church services on different Sundays this month.  Pray for further opportunities for conversation, and that they will each come to faith in Christ.

Ask the Lord to guide, lead, and protect the congregation as they seek to honour Him and live out Christian community together.

Pray that the congregation would grow in faith and knowledge of Jesus and have the courage to bear witness to those they know.

Support Services

Social Witness

The overall managing of the Council of Social Witness relies on support from the Support Services Council of PCI – Finance, Personnel, Information Technology, Reception and Assembly Building Management.

Give thanks for all departments and individuals who are associated with the work of Social Witness, for their support and work on our behalf.

Pray for David Hooks (Finance Manager) as he oversees our financial activity.

Pray for Laura Kelly and Judith Johnston (Personnel Department) as they support recruitment, interviews and the ongoing support of staff.

Pray for Steve McMurray (IT Manager) and the team as they support the complex needs of our work in so many locations.

Pray for reception and house staff as they receive visitors and set up rooms for meetings.