Mission in Ireland

Convener: Very Rev Dr Frank Sellar
Secretary: Mr Rick Hill
The focus of this Council is to develop PCI’s strategic priorities in all-age mission across Ireland and to plan major church-wide initiatives at a General Assembly level.

This Council will consider new church development looking at locations which might be suitable for church planting.
Overseeing all aspects of the work of the Home and Irish Mission, including the Irish Mission Fund will fall under this remit as well as Overseeing the deployment and on-going support of deaconesses who serve in congregations, chaplaincies and communities.

This Council will oversee the delivery of a chaplaincy service in the Forces, Hospitals, Hospices and Prisons helping to bring a ministry of presence to those in need.

Supporting mission and ministry in Universities and Colleges through chaplaincy services on campus is also part of this Council’s work.


Council Committees 

Home Mission, Irish Mission and Deaconess Committee Convener: 
Healthcare, Prisons and Forces Chaplaincy Committee Convener: Rev Robert Bell
Universities and Colleges Chaplaincy Committee Convener: Rev CN Lynn
Strategy for Mission Coordination Committee Rev DTR Edwards

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