Training in Ministry

Convener: Rev Andrew Faulkner
Secretary: The Deputy Clerk of the General Assembly

Management of Union Theological College, which exists to train effective ministers who will lead Christ’s church, forms a central part of this Councils’ work.

This Council has responsibility of looking after all aspects of selection, training and ongoing development of full-time ministers. In addition, it selects, trains and develops auxiliary ministers, accredited preachers and deaconesses who in turn serve in congregations and communities.

Pastoral Care of ministers and manse families falls under the remit of this Council to encourage and support presbyteries in their provision of pastoral care for ministers and their families. 

The PCI conciliation service is managed under this Council which exists to help Presbyterians in dispute to find resolution and facilitate difficult conversations as people work through their issues.


Council Committees 

Ministerial Studies and Development Committee Convener: Rev Andrew Faulkner
Union Theological College Management Committee Convener: Very Rev Dr Ivan Patterson
Reception of Ministers and Licentiates Committee Convener: Rev Albert Baxter