PW Special Projects

Each year, Presbyterian Women selects a Home and Overseas project to support through the PW Mission Fund. These projects are selected by the PW Panel and reflect the missional heart of our organisation.

Special Projects 2023/2024

Presbyterian Women’s Special Home Projects 2023/2024

This year we will have a two-stranded Home Project, focused on the support of Mental Health through the excellent work of REACH and Biblical Counselling Ireland.

REACH Mentoring for Young People is an excellent Christian charity which focuses on offering a mentoring programme for young people aged between 9-18 years in schools in the Armagh, Down and Craigavon areas.

The second strand of our Special Home Project will support the fledgling project of Biblical Counselling Ireland, a counselling organisation based in churches in the Dublin area and which is closely linked to Adelaide Road Presbyterian Church.

In 2023/2024, Presbyterian Women hopes to raise £10,000 for each of these projects to enable them to reach many more people of all ages with the mental health support they need.


Presbyterian Women’s Special Overseas Project 2023/2024

SAT-7 | Women Across the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) - Transforming women’s experience through broadcast media in the Middle East and North Africa that they may know the fulness of life in Christ.

Unfortunately, the situation of women in the region where SAT-7 works is well documented as the worst in the world for gender equality. Generally, laws provide inadequate support for women and, even when framed correctly, are not well enforced. Many of the problems can be found entrenched in very traditional cultural values, and examples of inequality and physical and sexual abuse are so common as to be almost normal.

SAT-7 broadcasts boldly into this context trying to present a new way of living based upon biblical values; this raises up the value of women and girls to their communities and tries to give them a voice to speak for themselves. Alongside this, with online engagement via the internet, there are many opportunities to help those women who are victims and guide them to a better future.

Presbyterian Women hopes to raise £10,000 to enable the ministry of SAT-7 across the Middle East and North Africa, and to enable women across Ireland to hear more about this incredible work.


Special Projects 2022/2023

Presbyterian Women’s Special Overseas Project 2022/2023

Presbyterian Women’s Special Overseas Project for 2022/ 2023 will be with PCI’s partner, the Evangelical Christian Church (ECC) in Timor and their restoration of the Suara Kasih Radio Station. Indonesia was hit by Cyclone Seroja in April 2021 with significant loss of life and homes and thousands of people were displaced in Timor.

There is much rebuilding to be done and this is one area of vital importance as it is an effective means of communicating the gospel over a large geographical area. Presbyterian Women are delighted to be partnering with the ECC in Timor and hopes to raise £15K for the Radio Station restoration so that it can broadcast again. 

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Presbyterian Women’s Special Home Project 2022/23

At present International Meeting Point are developing work in North Belfast. They have a Charity Shop at Carlisle Circus which is proving very profitable to support the Manager and make great connections with a very needy area. The electoral ward around this area has the highest suicide rate in the UK. The main work is in the Memorial Hall behind the Hopelink Centre. Here they conduct Bible Studies, English Classes and a Parent and Toddler group. Other Ministries will develop with their new full-time worker.

The Hall is in good repair and adequate for their needs but the big drawback is the old and ill-equipped kitchen. The hatch into the main hall needs extended and opened up, new cupboards are a must as the old ones have been patched inside due to a rodent infestation. All equipment is antiquated and in need of replacing i.e. cooker and fridge. As Covid-19 ends and they open the hall as a drop in Centre, a more modern kitchen will enable them to cook food and serve it on a counter instead of a small hatch.

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