Safeguarding Training

Domestic Abuse and Violence Awareness Training (as part of the Onus Safe Place initiative)

The ‘Safe Place’ initiative is a simple way for any organisation to provide information and signposting to anyone affected by domestic abuse.

Your Church can become a ‘Safe Place’ with a few simple steps. A representative from your church needs to attend a Safe Place webinar and complete a simple registration form. They are then supplied with a range of ‘Safe Place’ resources and ongoing support from Onus.

These webinars will cover:  

  • What is a Safe Place?
  • What would I have to do as a Safe Place?
  • What are the different types of abuse?
  • Who is affected by domestic abuse?
  • How do Safe Places make a difference?
  • What is the Safe Church Pathway?

This training is delivered online, via MS Teams.

Dates of upcoming events, and how to register, can be viewed by clicking here.



Safeguarding Training for Leaders, Helpers and Volunteers

This training provides a basic understanding of child safeguarding and is a requirement for all leaders, volunteers and helpers working with children and young people within PCI. The training will address the need for policies, and the requirement to adhere to the Taking Care guidelines, and should be attended prior to commencing work with children and young people within PCI and refreshed every 3 years.  Each session will cover all needs whether foundation or refresher.  We no longer run separate sessions.   

It is the responsibility of Kirk Session to ensure that training is attended and refreshed.

There are now multiple options for Child Protection Training

Fixed date online and face to face sessions 2024 for individuals

We have launched a selection of dates for ‘in person’ sessions in Assembly Buildings, Belfast and also monthly online sessions.  The Assembly building sessions are run during the day to allow for those who are able to attend or have evening commitments.   These are meant for those who cannot attend their congregational sessions as a way of ensuring those smaller numbers can meet their training needs.  They should be booked by individuals only. 

Individuals can book onto the fixed date sessions by following the link – click here

If you need to set up a group session please use the form below under “Other Training Requests”. 

**Please ensure your Designated Person is aware if you are signing up for a session**

Other Training Requests (Form for use of Designated Persons Only)

If you are a Designated Person and would like to organise Safeguarding training for your leaders, please use the following form to request training for your congregation – click here

Once your request is received your needs will be distributed to local trainers to find the next possible date for delivery.  Please note this may take some months, so please plan in advance.



Safeguarding Training for Ministers

It was agreed by the General Assembly that all Ministers would receive child safeguarding training every three years.

The training is for:

  • All active Ministers
  • All Assistant Ministers eligible for a call
  • Any retired Ministers working in a congregation as part of the ministry

Retired ministerial colleagues working within congregations as part of the ministry, should also attend the training.

New dates for 2024 and the registration form can be viewed by clicking here



Safeguarding Training for Designated Persons

This training is specific to the role of Designated Person within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.  It is aimed at those who are new to the role, and those who are more established in the role.  **Designated Persons should attend this training every three years.**

Training will take place either in person in Belfast or online via MS Teams.  A link to join will be emailed in the days before the session.

Dates of upcoming events and the registration form can be viewed by clicking here 



Adult Safeguarding Training

This training provides an introduction to adult safeguarding issues and is initially to be attended by the Minister and perhaps one or two key staff/volunteers, who work with adults (per congregation).  There will be a mix of in person and online sessions. 

Dates for upcoming events and the registration form can be viewed by clicking here.

If you have already attended a PCI adult safeguarding training session in Northern Ireland, you can access the presentation by clicking here.

If you have already attended a PCI adult safeguarding training session in the Republic of Ireland, you can access the presentation by clicking here.