About Us

Taking Care is the name of the child protection policy and programme of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Our aim is to create and promote a safe environment for children, young people and leaders. 

We believe that next to proclaiming God’s Word and the love of Christ, nothing could be more important than keeping our children and young people safe.

The Safeguarding office is based in Assembly Buildings, Belfast and made up of the following staff:

Dermot Parsons – Secretary of the Council for Social Witness

Jacqui Montgomery-Devlin – Head of Safeguarding

John Steven – Safeguarding Training and Development Officer

Elaine Glass / Gail Gamble / Wilma Steele / Cathy Mullin – Taking Care Administrators

If you would like to speak to someone about an adult or child protection concern in relation to the Presbyterian Church then please speak to the Designated Person in your congregation or contact the Safeguarding office at:

Assembly Buildings, Fisherwick Place,
Belfast, BT1 6DW
Tel: +44 (0)28 9041 7290
Email: takingcare@presbyterianireland.org



What's New

Please find below the link to download a copy of the latest Safeguarding Newsletter.


Ever wondered why you should become a Safe Place or Safe Church?  Please enjoy the two videos below from two of our PCI ministers around the value of the scheme to them and their congregations. 


In October 2023 we launched the first edition of the newly revived Safeguarding Newsletter. This will be published every two months and sent to Ministers, Designated Persons and other members of congregations. Please click below to see the latest newsletter.


Please keep an eye on the training pages within the Taking Care section for details of our new training program for 2024.  We are launching fixed date online and in person sessions for leaders, volunteers and helpers.  To compliment this we will also be putting in place sessions for each Presbytery with the ability to also request ad-hoc sessions where required.



Taking Care Resources

To view the new Application Forms for Access NI Checks and Garda Vetting Checks click here.

To view the child protection guidelines of the Presbyterian Church download Taking Care Two.

To view the our newsletter issued three times a year see Taking Care Updates.

To view Access NI’s Code of Practice click here.

To view the Presbyterian Church In Ireland’s policy on the Recruitment of Ex-Offenders click here.

This link will take you to all other Child Protection Forms.

Sample Risk Assessment Forms now available: Holiday Bible Club, Youth Weekend, Church Sleepover.

Sample list of questions to use at the interview stage of the Appointment Process.