Easter in Kenya

Gary & Mary Reid

11.5.2017 | Global Mission

In Luke 24: 26 is says, “Ought not the Christ to have suffered these things and to enter into His glory?”.

Gary and Mary describe Easter Sunday services in their part of Kenya, and a busy month which included two special and significant events.

Whilst Olkinyei Presbyterian Church of East Africa churches (PCEA)were holding a joint service together on Easter Sunday, we travelled to Siana to hold an Easter service there. After spending some time travelling on the dusty, very bumpy roads we were delighted to get there!

Gary spoke about our Beloved Saviour’s betrayal, trial, suffering, death and resurrection. There were some present who did not know that the Son of God was betrayed by a man called Judas, one of his own disciples, and they did not know what it meant to be crucified. So Gary sought to explain to them and it just so happened that God had provided fencing posts to be leaned up against an acacia tree behind us, which he used with the help of a volunteer, to tell in pictorial form, a part of the greatest story ever given to man.

Unfolding story

Some of the men, of the older generation, sat listening intently as the story unfolded; some of the women appeared not interested at all. But as the story unfolded and Gary spoke of Jesus’ anguish, sorrow, pain, wounds - enduring such opposition from those sinful men, and our punishment laid upon Him; His agonising death and His victorious and triumphant resurrection – those men listened ever more keenly, whilst the women and children hushed.

As Gary finished with the story of the men on the road to Emmaus, there was an acknowledgment that we need our eyes opened and need to know Him.

Our journey back was far from dusty, as the heavens opened and the roads were flooding before our eyes!

Special events

The rest of the month was very busy, but there were two events that were special. The first happened towards the beginning of the month when we were asked to help take an expectant mother in labour, to get medical attention. Just as we approached our destination, we heard the baby cry and our Lord blessed this dear mother with a beautiful little girl in the back seat of our Land Rover!

Then the second event (keeping the best to last!) - we are delighted to tell you that 58 adults and 10 children were baptised by our new minster Rev. Jonathan ole Mapena at PCEA Isintin church, in a joint service on Saturday, 22nd April.

Having read our blog, we would value your prayers, in particular give thanks for the 68 believers who were baptized. Please pray that they will grow in the knowledge of our Lord and bring Him glory. Pray too for the Maasai at Siana who heard about the suffering, death and resurrection of our Saviour – that God’s Holy Spirit will open their eyes and that they will come to know Jesus and surrender their lives fully to Him.

Gary and Mary Reid live in Olkinyiei in the Narok district of southwest Kenya. They have served with the Limuru Presbytery of the PCEA since 2005. Their work involves church planting and Scripture distribution. You can read more about them and their work here, you can also download their monthly mission reports. This blog has been taken from May’s report.


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