Gary and Mary Reid and family live in Olkinyiei in the Narok district of southwest Kenya, in the spiritual heartland of the Maasai tribe, where they have served with the Limuru Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) since 2005.

Gary and Mary Reid were called to missionary service and left for Kenya in July 2000.

Their first place of work was at the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Chogoria Hospital where Gary was involved with the overseeing of the rehabilitation of the hospital water system and Mary home schooled their oldest child.  

From here they moved in October 2001 to PCEA Honi Farm where Gary built water reservoirs and completed a water project that had been started for the church and the local community. During this time, children’s clubs were held at their home and an English morning service for young people was held in the local church. Gary also taught on Sunday mornings at a local orphanage.

In 2005, Gary and Mary, along with their four children, started a work amongst the Maasai people based in Olkinyei in the Narok District of Southwest Kenya. They are working with the Limuru Presbytery of the PCEA, in the spiritual heartland of the Maasai tribe. Here Mary continued to home school their children, whilst helping Gary in the building of the Mission Station, known as PCEA Acacia Grove Mission.Three of their children are now at boarding scholl and Mary continues to home school the youngest.

On Sundays Gary teaches in the established churches, and on Saturdays at the Bible Study held on the Mission. Throughout the year he also teaches the different levels of the Worship Leaders’ Courses.

The Mission works with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development, Children’s Department in Narok, helping vulnerable children who have suffered, or were threatened, with abuse, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), child labour and neglect. They also help women who have been abused, and provide refuge at the Mission when this is required. Furthermore, they encourage the preservation and care of God’s creation.

They are involved in promoting the education of the whole child, and are seeking to provide books (especially Christian writings and literature) to children within the local nursery and primary schools.

During the school holidays they organise Bush Bible Clubs and Fun Days where the children (and members of the community) have fun together, enjoy snacks and learn about God’s love for them.

The distribution of God’s Word continues, as does the provision of water tanks encouraging rain catchment.

In times of drought, they distribute food to malnourished children and poor families, and when required they transport seriously ill or injured people to one of the local dispensaries, or larger hospitals - the closest being over 75 kms away.

Despite many difficulties (physical, cultural and spiritual), there’s much to be encouraged about and give thanks for, as God by His Holy Spirit continues to build His Kingdom among the Maasai in the area.

Latest Report

February 2018

January began with the painful parting from our children. Years do not make the pulling apart any less painful or raw, but the Lord who is faithful is so very compassionate to us all.

Upon returning to the mission we were somewhat overwhelmed by the number of children, mothers and even fathers who were coming seeking help with schooling. It was good to be able to give gifts to some families who had come over the mountain seeking help, and others who had come quite a distance: sacks full of blankets, teddies, clothing etc., to be a blessing to them and their families. One old man was looking for glasses frames and he was given a number to be able to help him and his friends too. One of our neighbouring chiefs also came seeking help with children who were vulnerable, desiring that they would be supported and become part of our Maasai Seeds of Hope programme. As we have many children on the programme who have now completed their schooling, we have been able to support new children, including a young disabled child. We would deeply value prayer that God would grant us wisdom in all the decisions that have to be made, for His glory.

There were great downpours of rain in Olkinyei in January and with these downpours came a delay in starting to empty the container which came from Northern Ireland with items in it for disabled children, as well as for children in the schools and items for our churches here. But our Lord was so gracious to us and we were able to spend three days bringing some items from the centre (where the container finally reached in December) to the mission. Whilst the rain caused the roads to be slippery, we were so grateful to the Lord that each journey was taken in safety (and, of course, with the heavy rains are granted opportunities to help those whose vehicles have got entrenched in the muck). Then began the sorting, which is still ongoing. Much of the container was emptied at the port for inspection and unfortunately toys, jigsaws, wheelchairs etc., were no longer complete and it continues to be a slow process in trying to find and piece back together the many missing parts. But we bless our Father that even this is for our good and that we can trust Him.

The primary school in Olkinyei continues to have no water and so last night we were down late at the school delivering some much needed water. Then this morning, some teachers from the school came up in a tractor and trailer to get more water. A survey has been done of the land and it has been confirmed that there is water available within the school grounds. Pray that God will grant wisdom to all concerned about how best to go forward with the drilling for a borehole.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for God to give wisdom to us as we seek to make decisions about so many different situations that arise from day to day. Pray that we will be ever receptive and obedient to his leading, for his glory.
  • Continue to pray for the precious souls of the Maasai, that God’s Holy Spirit will move mightily in Maasailand, drawing many to our Saviour and drawing them into a deeper relationship with the Lord, for His glory, honour and praise.
  • Please also remember our children in prayer.

General Prayer Points

  • The Reids – that each day they will be guided and empowered by God’s Holy Spirit, bringing glory to His Name in all they say and do.
  • God's Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of the Maasai, that many will believe in our Lord and be changed.
  • Spiritual growth in the churches already established in the Olkinyiei area.
  • The Reid children to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and have His joy in their hearts.
  • That there would be unity amongst the true believers (from all the different Protestant denominations which are now in the outlying area), and that the believers will take their faith seriously and bring glory to Christ’s beautiful Name.

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East Africa

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