Prayer for Today


Prayer for Today

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Presbyterian Children's Society

Congregational Life

The Presbyterian Children’s Society exists to support Presbyterian children within Ireland through their ministers and others, in order to alleviate poverty and financial hardship.

Pray that God will continue to bless the Society with the appropriate level of giving to meet the needs and challenges of children and their families within our Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

Lawnfield House, Newcastle

Social Witness

Lawnfield House is a purpose-built residential home in Newcastle, Co. Down.

Give thanks for higher occupancy levels.

Pray for Isobel Leslie, manager, and her staff team as they strive to meet the needs of their service users, many of whom change weekly.

Pray for those in a caring role that they will receive appropriate support and respite care.

Pray that we will be more sensitive to carers known to us.

PCI Conference – 'As Others See Us'

Global Mission

Jacob Thomas, lecturer in missiology at Belfast Bible College and originally from India, will share his observations about our faith expression in Ireland at a special conference PCI is holding this morning, Thursday, 30th March.

Give thanks for the great interest shown in the conference – which is fully booked.

Pray for Jacob Thomas as he speaks and for good round-table discussions.

Hospital chaplaincy

Mission in Ireland, Chaplaincy

Rev. Paul Erskine serves as chaplain in Musgrave Park Hospital, Belfast.

Give thanks for Paul’s service at the Musgrave over the past 22 years.  He is due to retire at the end of March.   

Give thanks for the Presbyterian team: Shirley Scanlon, Alan Esdale and Gareth Kilpatrick (Lowe Memorial), Florence Palmer and David McGrath (Malone), Michael Hill (Fisherwick) and hospital deaconess, Heather McCracken.  Pray that the worship will bring blessing.

Pray for hospital staff amid the challenges and pressures they face.

Pray that patients will know the presence of the Lord and receive comfort and healing.

Pray that an appointment will soon be made for Paul’s successor.