PW Mission Fund

28.6.2016 | Presbyterian Women,

In an effort to simplify giving and help us to be better stewards of the money raised, it has been decided to have one fund, called the PW Mission Fund.

As part of this change the Committee has also looked at the whole area of membership fees. This has probably been the most frequently raised issue, with many requesting an end to the collection of fees. After much prayer and discussion, it was decided that women should no longer be asked to pay membership fees to be a part of PW and that contribution to the Mission Fund should be encouraged. The term 'Birthday Projects' will no longer be used. However, special projects will continue to be identified each year and supported through the PW Mission Fund.

The diagram below explains all that will be supported by this Fund. Your continued prayerful and financial support for the work of PW is very much valued.

How to Give

Raising Money

Personal giving is usually found to be the most successful means of raising money, either through gift envelopes or mission boxes. All proceeds from these must be allocated to the PW Mission Fund. Mission boxes are available free of charge from the Congregational Life and Witness Office. The offering from any PW service or fundraiser should normally be given to the PW Mission Fund. The primary financial responsibility of each group is the important and valuable work supported by this Mission Fund. Therefore, when allocating funds the majority of any unspecified donations received by a group should also go to the PW Mission Fund. Groups may, if they wish, raise funds for congregational objects or other projects, provided they state clearly to their members in advance the object for which the money is to be raised.

The method used to raise money should always be worthy of the purpose of PW and be in accordance with paragraph 37(e) of The Code: 'The Kirk Session shall refuse to sanction the holding of a bazaar, sale of work, or entertainment of any kind for the purpose of raising funds for religious or philanthropic objects until the promoters have undertaken that no money shall be raised by means of balloting, raffling, or lottery tickets.'

The Gift Aid Scheme

Gift Aid permits charities to recover from the Inland Revenue basic rate income tax on donations received from donors who sign Gift Aid declarations. Members can participate in the Gift Aid scheme provided they are United Kingdom tax payers and pay an amount of tax equal to what will be recovered on all Gift Aid donations which they make. All contributions can qualify, no matter how small, and no future commitments are required. Members are encouraged to discuss participating in the Gift Aid scheme with their group Treasurer who, in turn, will liaise with the congregational Gift Aid Secretary.

Members living in the Republic of Ireland can participate in Gift Aid provided they have income or capital gains charged to United Kingdom tax at least equal to the gross amount of the donation (i.e. the donation before deduction of basic rate income tax).

Sending Money to Assembly Buildings

PW Treasurers should forward all contributions to the Financial Secretary’s Office, Assembly Buildings, Belfast BT1 6DW, accompanied by the remittance sheet provided by the Congregational Life and Witness Office or by a statement showing clearly how the money is to be allocated. Cheques should be made payable to “The Presbyterian Church in Ireland”.

The financial year ends on 31st December and contributions must be received at Assembly Buildings before this date to be included in the current year’s accounts. Contributions received after 31st December will be included in the accounts of the following year. It is helpful if PW Groups forward contributions regularly during the year rather than wait until the end of the year.

PW Financial Accounts

The PW accounts are managed by the Financial Secretary’s Office in Assembly Buildings. The financial year of the organisation ends on 31st December. A report and summary of accounts shall be submitted to the PW Annual Meeting each year. A report and statement of Annual Accounts shall also be submitted to the PW Panel, the General Assembly and, if appropriate, the relevant Councils.


Members may wish to consider PW as a possible beneficiary of their Will. Legacies provide an extremely valuable source of income. Bequests will be allocated to the PW Mission Fund unless specified otherwise.