PW Mission Fund

12.12.2017 | Presbyterian Women,

This video communicates the work of the PW Mission Fund both locally and overseas and has been developed to compliment the Mission Fund leaflet and collection tin, which are now widely available.

The two-minute video is an excellent resource that can be used by PW Groups and LINKs at group meetings, church services and fundraising events, and can be shared on your own PW Group’s Facebook page.

We want to recommend this video as an excellent means by which to communicate how important your partnership is in sustaining the work of Presbyterian Women.

PW Mission Fund

PW Groups contribute financially to the work and witness of the Organisation through:

  • The PW Mission Fund

PW aims to ‘highlight the need for local and global mission’.  Donations to the Mission Fund are used to support:

(a) Local Mission, through:

  • Funding PW at a central level so that PW members can be equipped and motivated by events/publications to encourage the women in their local areas to become disciples of Christ, in keeping with the mission statement of the Organisation.
  • Deaconesses who serve in congregations, the community and hospitals and PW supports this work by giving an annual grant to the Council for Mission in Ireland. PW also support the training of Deaconesses.


  • South Belfast Friendship House which offers friendship in the name of Jesus to people in a needy area of South Belfast through giving an annual grant to the Council for Mission in Ireland.

(b) Global Mission, through:

  • PW supports global mission by giving an annual grant to the Council for Global Mission towards the training and support of Global Mission Workers appointed by the Council.

(c)  Special Projects, through:

  • Supporting various projects at home and overseas which are chosen annually by the PW Panel.