Prepared to Lead

2.8.2017 | Leadership, Training for Eldership,

This is a course for the training of new elders prior to ordination. It can be also used as refresher training for existing elders. The course materials are provided free of charge to those with responsibility for training of elders within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, to run locally.

The course is designed to run over six sessions, each of about one and half hours, using a combination of short talks and discussion times. Leader's notes and participants' notes are included along with an optional PowerPoint presentation. The sessions cover the spiritual life of the elder, leading as a Kirk Session, pastoral care and using the Bible. Material on the Westminster Confession of Faith is included throughout. There is an extra handout with the text of the Westminster Confession of Faith in original and modern English. However, it is recommended that copies of ‘Firm Foundations: A Faith for Today’s Church’ are given to the participants (available from the Evangelical Bookshop in Belfast in their store or to order from their website).

This course is available in electronic format as PDF and Word documents. Permission is given for those within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland to adapt the material to suit the needs of the participants provided the training requirements as outlined in the Code paragraph 180(2) are met.

If you are electing new Elders, the leaflet for the congregation ‘Choosing New Elders’ would be useful.

To request the course or for further information please email Pamela Patton in the Council for Congregational Life and Witness: