Ordained Ministry

31.1.2022 | Training for Ministry,

For those considering entry to the ministry of the
Presbyterian Church in Ireland

If you are not a candidate for ordained ministry in PCI, but are open to the possibility of giving it serious and prayerful consideration, please contact Rev. David Leach, Professor of Ministry and Director of the Institute for Ministry, who has overall responsibility for guiding applicants through all stages of the Application Process. He welcomes the opportunity to chat with anyone enquiring about a vocation in full-time ministry and can be contacted by telephone +44 (0)28 9020 5087 or email d.leach@union.ac.uk

Applications must be submitted by 15 September in any year.

Union Theological College provides training for students for the ordained ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

The programme of training is:

  • determined by the General Assembly;
  • overseen by its Council for Training in Ministry;
  • delivered at Union College as well as a number of 'recognised colleges' elsewhere.

The normal requirement for students training for the PCI Ministry is to complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Ministry. This is a three year course.

In the case of students who have already completed theological studies at another institution, individualised pathways are agreed with the student by the Dean of Ministerial Studies and Development.

To view three short promotional films exploring what it is to be a minister, click here.