13.1.2020 | Bible Study, Global Mission, Mission in Ireland,

Through the lens of the Old Testament book of Ruth, ‘Home’ will help you engage with the issues of migration and to think about your response.

68.5 million people worldwide have been forcibly displaced from their homes as a result of war or natural disasters, many more have left their homes looking for better opportunities. They arrive in countries where they know little of the language and culture, have no contacts, few resources and have to start from scratch.

In recent years, many migrants have come to the shores of Ireland, becoming part of our communities, churches and schools.

The Bible isn’t silent about migration. The book of Ruth is a wonderful story about redemption, but how often do we read it as a story of migration and refuge? Over the course of six studies, “Home” will take you through Ruth’s story, the story of a foreigner in a foreign land. It will introduce to some of the people who have come to Ireland looking for a home and will help you to think about your response.

Each study contains Bible passages, videos interviews with migrants and those who have met them and questions to promote discussion within your congregations or small groups.


Available Resources

HOME Bible Study Booklet £2
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HOME Videos on USB Drive with Case £5
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HOME Bundle £25
A bundle of 10 booklets, a leaders’ guide and a memory stick with all the videos


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