Participation in multi-faith civic events

6.7.2018 | GA 2018, Public Affairs, Worship and Sacraments,

The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and other representatives of the Church attend many civic events in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland each year. The Doctrine Committee’s report ‘Participation in multi-faith civic events’, presented to the 2018 General Assembly, clarified the denomination’s participation in these events. Having received the report, the General Assembly passed the following resolution:

That in light of the rapid change in society, both north and south of the border, the following statement be issued by the Press Officer on behalf of the General Council at appropriate times relating to civic events in either jurisdiction:

  1. The Presbyterian Church in Ireland, as a witness to Christ, affirms the God-given dignity of all people, from all faiths and none, on account of their bearing God’s image. Furthermore, we affirm our solidarity with all our neighbours in our common life together. However, as a Church committed to the Lordship of Christ, we decline to participate in interfaith worship or to acknowledge the ultimate claim of any state to control religious worship.
  2. The Presbyterian Church in Ireland recognises that her leaders and members will consider participation in sequential multi-faith civic events where there may be opportunities to read the Bible, speak about God’s grace in Christ or pray for people in need. However, out of concern for God’s glory and the good of our neighbour, we decline to participate in nontrinitarian interfaith worship.’

You can read the Doctrine Committee’s full report here, starting at page 89.