Another look?

12.8.2021 | Congregational Life,

How might we be beginning to see things differently in the light of our experience of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns?

The Another look? resource has been produced to give us a handle to take hold of, and something to reach out to others, in grasping the opportunity to begin to talk about these things. 

The content is flexible enough to be used in a variety of settings all of which will be important in the next season of church life and witness. Another look? could be used to give greater intentionality and appropriate edge to visiting to pastorally reconnect with fringe members. It could be something to share with someone with whom we rub shoulders where we live, work or play that might kick start a chat about life and God. It could become a framework for one-to-one discipleship conversations.

Five areas for reflection are gently introduced, along with a short portion of Scripture and a simple prayer of response. These provide conversation starters and words that readers might not be able to find for themselves, but which might take them to a very different place with God.

  • Another look at the world?
  • Another look at others in my life? 
  • Another look at church? 
  • Another look at myself? 
  • Another look at God? 

You can order copies of the Another look? resource (10p each – minimum order of 10) from the purchase box above right.

September 2021 will see the five areas for reflection in Another look? also promoted each week on PCI social media so that congregations can share the material in that medium in tandem with using the booklet. The theme could become the basis for a post-pandemic five part sermon series that could be preached in parallel with the social media posts and distribution of the booklet among, or beyond, church members. It could even become the catalyst for a series of lightly evangelistic conversations to engage those around the margins of church life or with whom we have built relational connection sin the local community. 


Using Another look?

Please view the clip below which gives an overview of the resource and suggestions of ways it might be used.



If you would like to talk further about using Another look? or have someone share some basic skills in how to do so in a variety of areas of congregational life or witness, contact Neil Harrison (PCI Mission Development Officer) at