Moderator’s Jubilee tribute

2.6.2022 | Moderator, Church in Society, Statements, Commemorations

Presbyterian Moderator, Right Reverend Dr David Bruce, has paid tribute to Her Majesty the Queen at the start of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations, saying that it is made more remarkable as ‘the high office she assumed in 1952 was one she did not anticipate holding.’

In his statement Dr Bruce said, “I was born almost six years into Queen Elizabeth’s reign, so in common with most people, I cannot remember a time when she was not at the very centre of the UK’s national life. Her image has always been on the coins and stamps I have used. For many over this long Jubilee weekend it will be a special celebration that marks a unique moment in history. For Christians who are called to pray for those in authority, I hope we can pause to remember the Queen at this special moment. She has been a constant presence in a rapidly changing social and political landscape.

“In paying tribute to her, it is poignant to recall that the high office she assumed in 1952 was one she did not anticipate holding. This unprecedented Jubilee is therefore even more remarkable.”

Dr Bruce continued, “The passage of time has not weakened her commitment, or sense of duty. Neither has it diminished her willingness to talk about her deep personal faith in Jesus Christ. This vibrant witness has encouraged many down the years, something that I am sure will be spoken of at tomorrow’s Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral.

“It will be an honour for me to represent Irish Presbyterians from across this island at tomorrow’s service in London, as throughout the Presbyterian Church in Ireland she is remembered by many in our prayers,” he said.

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