11.4.2016 | Prayer, Bible Study, TIDES Daily Devotional,

Helping followers of Jesus discover afresh what regular engagement with God’s word can mean

read : reflect : respond


As part of our vision to resource congregations of whole life disciples across the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, Tides is a rhythm of daily devotions that is accessible to all. Tides aims to help God’s people discover afresh what regular engagement with God and His word can mean for their lives.

In the constant cycle of life, Tides directs our thoughts upwards, inwards and outwards through a regular email arriving at the start of each weekday morning.  As each day rolls in, Tides provides you with a section of God’s word to read, a short reflection sharing what this could look like in our lives, and a simple way for you to respond.

Join a community of 2,000-plus people from right across the Presbyterian Church in Ireland - and further afield - who are receiving these daily inputs and helping to fuel a life of devotion.  This is a community of people who are hungry to read God's Word, reflect on what He is saying and respond in their daily lives.

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