Guidelines for pastoral care of older generations

25.5.2016 | Guidelines, Pastoral Care,

A resource for ministers, elders or those who have a pastoral care role with older people.

This booklet is for ministers, elders, pastoral care workers, pastoral care team members and anyone else who has a pastoral care role with older people, for example, leaders of small groups for older people.

Most of the content of this resource is directly about helping individuals pastorally care for older generations, but there is also some content on different ways in which to provide pastoral care that could be considered by Kirk Sessions and pastoral care teams.

The title, ‘Even to your old age I will carry you’, refers to words in Isaiah 46:4 and is intended as a reminder that pastoral care is first and foremost an expression of God at work in the lives of the people for whom we care. The part we play is to allow God to use us to bring His loving care to them.

Cost: £2

Copies of the guidelines can be ordered online (right)  or obtained from the Congregational Life and Witness office in Assembly Buildings. Tel: +44 (0)28 9032 2284; Email:

A sample containing the first chapter can be downloaded from the link (right).

A companion booklet which contains discussion questions for use with a pastoral care team and/or the kirk session and anyone else involved in pastoral care for older generations is also available. The discussion questions are designed to further equip those involved in this ministry and to help those in leadership think about the best ways to arrange pastoral care.

Printed copies of the questions can be obtained from the Congregational Life and Witness office in Assembly Buildings or downloaded from the link (right).