Taking Care Training

Taking Care Child Protection training is provided throughout the year and held at different locations to facilitate everyone.

Training for Designated Persons

This is specific training to the role of the Designated Person within the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Whether you have just recently been appointed a Designated Person for your church or have been in the role for some time, please come along to the venue nearest you. We always have something to learn!

To find out the dates of upcoming events click here.

Foundation training

Foundation Training is a basic child protection and is a requirement for all new leaders working with children and young people within PCI. This training is organised organised by the Taking Care Office twice a year at various locations throughout Ireland. It is the responsibility of Kirk Session to ensure that all newly appointed leaders attend.

To find out the dates of upcoming events click here.

Refresher Training

Once the basic principles of the Taking Care policy have been established at Foundation level, Refresher training looks deeper into child protection issues. The Refresher training is for groups of a maximum of 40 which allows for interaction, scenario work and discussion. It is the responsibility of the Designated Person to organise Refresher Training for all those responsible for children and young people within their congregation.

Click here for a list of dates for Refresher Training or to organise training contact the Taking Care Office.

Taking Care Training for Ministers

Ministers are required to attend this training every three years. New dates for 2020 can be viewed by clicking here.

Please contact the Taking Care Office to advise us which session you wish to register for.