Safeguarding Guidelines

Child protection can be an intricate subject area which often throws up many questions. Below are some of the questions that you may have and links to the relevant section of Taking Care Two which will provide you with more information. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact the office.

Chapter 1: Why does the church need a Child Protection Policy?

Chapter 2: What is Child Abuse?

Chapter 3: How do I Respond, Report and Record a child protection accident, incident or concern?

Chapter 4: What is the Responsibility of Kirk Session, the Designated Person and the Taking Care Office?

Chapter 5: What is the Appointment Process for new leaders and what training is available?

Chapter 6: What is the Responsibility of leaders and parents?

Chapter 7: What are the standards of Good Practice?

Chapter 8: What is the church’s policy on the Internet, Social media and Mobile phones?

Chapter 9: What are the Risk Assessment requirements for organisational leaders?

Chapter 10: What Legislation is relevant to child protection?