About Us

Taking Care is the name of the child protection policy and programme of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Our aim is to create and promote a safe environment for children, young people and leaders. 

We believe that next to proclaiming God’s Word and the love of Christ, nothing could be more important than keeping our children and young people safe. In order to faciliate this, various resources and training programmes are offered  – click on the links below to find out more.

What's New

Taking Care Resources

To view the new Application Forms for Access NI Checks and Garda Vetting Checks click here.

To view the child protection guidelines of the Presbyterian Church download Taking Care Two.

To view the our newsletter issued three times a year see Taking Care Updates.

To view Access NI’s Code of Practice click here.

To view the Presbyterian Church In Ireland’s policy on the Recruitment of Ex-Offenders click here.

This link will take you to all other Child Protection Forms.

Sample Risk Assessment Forms now available: Holiday Bible Club, Youth Weekend, Church Sleepover.

Sample list of questions to use at the interview stage of the Appointment Process.