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We all love to share good news with others, and why not!

Yet when it comes to sharing the good news of Jesus, we often find ourselves avoiding the opportunity or struggling to find the right words with people around our lives.

Similarly, congregations can run great programmes that meet genuine community needs, but struggle to know how to accompany people on a journey towards finding faith in Christ.

SHARE is a resource that helps congregations to develop their community witness, and personal evangelism. It includes teaching on screen and questions for use in group settings, along with short clips telling stories from around PCI of lives transformed. 

The resource is structured around three important aspects of witness:

  • Building Relationships will equip members to reflect upon how they can join with people on their journey to faith in Jesus.
  • Cultivating Community will help congregations think about how to develop the kind of spaces that allow people time to grow into the community of the church.
  • Inviting Encounter will equip church members with ways to talk about their faith simply and naturally and with greater confidence.

Effectively reaching out to others with the gospel hasn’t got any easier. SHARE will help us strip the task back to the three simple aspects above that make it more realistic and accessible to everyone in the congregation.

The material is structured around ‘seasons’ that relate to the three aspects of witness noted above. Each season contains three ‘episodes’ that unpack that particular aspect further.

Participants should have their own booklet which is the starting point for each episode. This is accompanied by a film series to facilitate a conversation in a group setting such as home groups or a midweek meeting.

In addition, the resource has four whole church sessions to introduce the themes of the resource to as wide an audience as possible. Each comes with a sermon outline and a video story.

Download this document to find out how to use SHARE in your congregation.

How to use SHARE 







Ordering this resource

Share is now available to order. To order this resource please complete the purchase section on this page. Copies of the booklet will cost £1.50 (minimum order of 5 copies applies). Each purchaser will be provided with a link to download the film series for free.

For further details about Share please contact the Council for Congregational Life and Witness office (Email: or tel: +44 (0)28 9032 2284).