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Mobilising the many in making disciples...


Proximity is a series of small booklets providing relevant and challenging content for the context of relational discipleship. These resources are ideal for one-to-one or small group discussion, providing biblical content and practical questions on a range of key discipleship themes.

The four themes of the Proximity booklets are ‘Seasons of Life’, ‘Life in God's Story’, ‘Habits of a Lifetime and ‘A Life of Mission.’ Each booklet includes 7-8 sessions that dig into bible study, personal reflection and practical conversation.

‘Habits of a Lifetime’ is our newest resource, ‘Seasons of Life’ and Life in God’s Story’ remain available while ‘A Life of Mission’ is currently in production and will be available towards the end of 2020.

Ordering Proximity

You can purchase any of the Proximity resources from the purchase window on this page.

Using Proximity

For a quick guide on how best to use Proximity or start your own Proximity group watch this handy guide on PCI's vimeo page or download and read the user guide.

The Proximity resources are about mobilising the many and not just the few when it comes to the task of making disciples. This is not about a resource or a programme, but about the outworking of the Great Commission as we aim to put simple tools into the hands of ordinary believers to resource relational discipleship in a wide variety of contexts. Whether it’s investing in a few younger Christians, meeting one on one with a wiser Christian for meaningful conversation or developing deeper accountability among Christian friends, Proximity aims to spark and resource a culture of relational and intentional disciple-making across the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.