2021 World Development Materials

1.11.2021 | World Development,

WeatheringTheStorm_logo.jpg2021 World Development Materials

The World Development Appeal is an annual initiative of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland that focuses on helping people trapped in poverty. It endeavours to change lives and communities for the better by channeling resources in support of sustainable development projects in every continent. This work is taken forward through PCI’s development partners, Christian Aid and Tearfund.

PCI congregations are encouraged to highlight the World Development Appeal during the Advent and Christmas period.

Weathering the storm

The 2021 Appeal is entitled ‘Weathering the Storm’. For many in the world, the Covid-19 pandemic will continue to wreak havoc for years to come. Combined with a changing climate, and the increased uncertainty and extreme weather events which that brings, millions face a very real threat: a perfect storm of covid and Climate. As creation groans, so many communities are struggling to sustain even the most basic of livelihoods, fighting hard to provide for their families and loved ones. 

Over the summer of 2021, Ethiopia has been impacted by a severe drought creating near famine conditions compounded by conflict in some areas. In Haiti a large earthquake resulted in a tragic loss of life and many damaged homes. Both of these emergencies have been made even more devastating and dangerous because of the ongoing challenge of both covid and climate change. By God’s grace, through this year’s Appeal we hope to support those who have moved past the immediate urgent need, to a situation where ongoing sustainable development is making a difference to the lives of many. 


This year’s featured project comes from Ethiopia through Christian Aid Ireland working with their local partner the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY). With an ever-increasing population of over 115 million people Ethiopia is presently the second most populated country in the continent of Africa. It is also one of the poorest. Many millions of people have been affected by climate change-induced drought, which has caused failed harvests and loss of livestock and recent months have seen a rapid increase in Covid 19 cases. This year’s Appeal will provide support to farmers in the communities of Demboya, Lemo, Soro, Mida-Kegn, Berehe and Ambo through the EECMY’s ‘Ecological food and agricultural farm resource management’ which focuses on crop diversification, natural resource management, and women’s economic empowerment. 


The Appeal will also support a project in Haiti, where the earthquake in August 2021 has underlined the fragility and challenges of the country’s economy. 

This project run by Christian Community Foundation in Action, a partner of Tearfund, supports churches and schools in Nippes and Artibonite to reduce the vulnerability to poverty that families face. This will be achieved through the planting of gardens and trees which are a source of income and protect the local environment.

These are the two featured projects for 2021 although the Appeal will also support similar projects in other areas of the world.



Please find in the downloads box various resources and background materials that are available for the 2021 World Development Appeal, including a video, PowerPoint slides and worship materials.  

To donate to the World Development Appeal for 2021 please click here.