2016 World Development Materials

11.10.2016 | World Development,

The theme of this year’s Appeal is Reclaiming: HOPE.

Climate change challenges sustainable development in the world's poorest communities. By supporting the World Development Appeal we can give resilient people in places like El Salvador a just and sustainable future.

The projects being highlighted this year are in El Salvador and Brazil. El Salvador, almost 25 years after the UN brokered peace agreement, and still bearing the scars of war, is facing almost every sustainable development challenge there is: climate change, insecure livelihoods, the legacy of sustained conflict, severe gender inequality, threatened gang violence, and youth unemployment, to name just a few.

PROCARES (Programme for Capacity-Building and Reconstruction in El Salvador), partnering with Christian Aid since 1998, has made a commitment to sustainable economic development. The El Zompopero Cooperative Society is one of the fruits of that commitment.

Giving to the 2016 World Development Appeal will enable organisations like PROCARES to continue this support.

If you would like to donate to the World Development Appeal for 2016 please click here.

Please find in the downloads box various resources and background materials that are available for the 2016 World Development Appeal, including artwork for the poster, a leaflet and worship resources.


In this video you will see those involved in a shrimp farming cooperative in the Jiquilisco Bay region of El Salvador’s southern coast. The shrimp farmers are building their own future in the face of many challenges, which include climate change. This year’s World Development Appeal will support PROCARES and the El Zompopero Cooperative Society.


In this video you will see how important the mangrove is to shrimp production in the Jiquilisco Bay region, and the challenges local shrimp farmers face in managing it in the face of climate change.