2014 World Development Materials

9.3.2014 | World Development,

Stories and background material on the 2014 World Development Appeal

Here you can download the various resources and background materials for the 2014 World Development Appeal including artwork for the poster and leaflet, PowerPoint presentation and video clips.



Since the earthquake in 2010, GARR (Support for Refugees and the Repatriated) has been significantly involved in addressing the needs of the internally displaced. GARR’s commitment is not only to help provide needed housing, but to work alongside existing residents to build functioning, sustainable communities for the sake of both the host families and the displaced people who have arrived among them more recently. This film tells the story of Fede Dunios and his family, and how the work of GARR has changed their lives.

MISSEH (Social Mission of the Haitian Churches) is a network of evangelical missions across Haiti, formed in 2009 to support the social and economic development of the Haitian people. To make the love of God visible in society is MISSEH’s stated purpose, and the network seeks to promote a culture of dignity and mutual respect in all aspects of its work. This film explains a little of the agriculture training work that MISSEH are involved in.

MISSEH (Social Mission of the Haitian Churches) intentionally seeks out the most vulnerable as its primary partners. Its current priority areas are the regeneration of the environment, social unity/working together, gender equality and child protection. This film shares some of the work that it does regarding gender equality.

When the earthquake struck on 12 January 2010, Christian Aid country manager Prospery Raymond was working in his office. In this powerful film, Prospery shares his personal account of what happened that fateful day.