Moderator in conversation...

29.10.2020 | General Assembly, Leadership, Video/Animation, Video,

To introduce the Presbyterian Moderator Dr David Bruce, these videos give an insight into his family life, ministry to date and his views on becoming Moderator during a global pandemic.


Episode 1

Presbyterian Moderator Dr David Bruce chats about his unique installation experience prior to the Standing Commission of the General Assembly in June 2020 as well as his reaction to COVID-19 and the changes and challenges it has brought to the Church.



Episode 2

Presbyterian Moderator Dr David Bruce continues in conversation – this time talking about his theme for the year 'Home'. Dr Bruce also shares about his work as Secretary to the Council for Mission in Ireland and his thoughts on the church in Ireland today.



Episode 3

Presbyterian Moderator Rt Rev Dr David Bruce shares a little of his education and past professional work. He talks about his work with Christian Unions across Ireland and Scripture Union NI, particularly supporting their work in former states of the Soviet Union.



Episode 4

In this fourth and final short film in the series, Presbyterian Moderator Rt Rev Dr David Bruce shares some of his personal 'Home' life. Life as a grandfather, his love of sailing and life on the road with his old camper van!