Quick Start Guides for Working with Small Groups

9.3.2016 | Leadership, Congregational Life,

Why Small Groups?

This guide is for Ministers and Kirk Sessions considering starting or expanding small groups for their congregation. It could also be used as the basis of casting the vision for small groups to the congregation as well as to re-cast the vision to encourage small group leaders and members.

Starting and Coordinating Small Groups

This guide is for Ministers, Kirk Sessions or the person or group responsible for initiating or managing small groups. This guide is also useful for small group leaders to understand how they fit into the overall plan (it is recommended that each congregation has a policy or plan for their small groups because this resource covers several options).

Leading a Small Group

This guide is essential reading for small group leaders.

Bible Study in Small Groups: Part One -- Preparation

This guide is for leaders responsible for preparing the Bible study when an 'off the shelf' Bible study guide is not being used. It can also be used by a group member who is being encouraged to lead a Bible study perhaps for the first time. First read the guide, then follow the worked example and then use the blank worksheet to produce your own Bible study.

Bible Study in Small Groups: Part Two -- Leading

Preparation is crucial but so also is delivery. This guide is for anyone leading a Bible study (whether they prepared it themselves or are using a Bible study guide) to help create, together with the Holy Spirit, an experience that is as useful and life changing as possible for the group.

Pastoral Care in Small Groups

This guide is for group leaders (or other person responsible for pastoral care in the group) and gives basic pointers on how group members can care for each other. It also highlights when the level of care needed requires help from outside the group.

Prayer and Praise in Small Groups

This guide is for group leaders and has some useful pointers to encourage the whole group to be involved in prayer as well as how to lead praise with just a few people (and not be embarrassed that you aren't a great singer!).

Leading an Evangelistic Small Group

Leading an evangelistic small group involves many skills in common with leading other sorts of groups (see the other resources in this series) but there are some specific things to consider. If you are using a resource like Alpha or Christianity Explored there will also be more extensive notes to guide you.

Mission and Service for Small Groups

How do you help an inward looking group become more outward looking? This guide aims to help small group leaders change the culture of the group so that members will want to reach out with the good news of Jesus Christ and have a heart to serve others.

Further Resources on Small Groups

This resource gives some suggested resources on small groups for more depth in the areas covered by the 'quick start' guides.