Challenging Issues

9.3.2016 | Social Witness, Congregational Life, Reports,

A series of study guides to help Christians think through difficult issues

This is a series of booklets on challenging issues facing Christians today. It is written with the conviction that God’s word the Bible is relevant and needs to be studied and applied sensitively.

Produced by the Social Issues and Resources Committee of the Council for Social Witness.


Challenging issues – Disability

Many disabled people seem to go through life excluded from so many experiences and opportunities that others take for granted. The purpose of this Bible study aid is to help examine our attitudes towards disability and those who are affected by it and to examine the guidance provided for us in the Scriptures.

Challenging issues – Family
Social attitudes and behaviour towards family and relationships have changed over the years.  If as Christians our final authority is God, not the prevailing culture, then it is important to know what He says in the Bible and consider the quetion – what is family?


Challenging issues – Manhood

In recent years the traditional role of men in society has been challenged. While the move towards equality for men and women is to be welcomed, sometimes men have felt unsure of their new role. Against this background it is imperative that the Church teaches and encourages men to live an authentic maleness.

Challenging issues – Materialism

What is it to be a successful and happy human being? What changes would it make in our lives if we sincerely applied the values of Jesus to the possessions we own, the things we work to get and the way we spend the money we earn?