Into Full Church Membership

3.5.2022 | Congregational Life, Worship and Sacraments,

Welcoming new people into the full membership of the church is an important moment, both for them and in the life of any congregation.

People come to faith in God and to follow Jesus through a wide variety of personal journeys that unfold through the work of the Holy Spirit in their life story. In full church membership is a resource that opens up a conversation about all of that, as well as what it means to commit to being a member of God’s worldwide church and to be received into the family of a  congregation and to play a part in how it expresses God’s life and witness.

A booklet and eight accompanying video clips open up four themes and could be worked through as part of a group considering becoming communicants or one-to-one with any individual. The material explores:

  • Believing - going public in confirming our faith in Jesus and desire to live his way;
  • Living - making some particular, ongoing, commitments;
  • Belonging - becoming part of the community of God’s people; 
  • · Sharing - participating in the Lord’s Supper as a communicant.

Booklets are priced at £1 and can be purchased using the link top right

Free video resources will also be coming soon and will offer a mix of teaching on each theme and personal stories .

Accompanying cards for new communicants can be ordered here .



Session 1: Believing / Discussion


Session 1: Believing / Kathy's Story


Session 2: Living / Discussion


Session 2: Living / Avril's Story


Session 3: Belonging / Discussion


Session 3: Belonging / Peter's Story


Session 4: Sharing / Discussion


Session 4: Sharing / Ben's Story