Herald Promotional Material

14.12.2023 | Magazines & Newsletters, Presbyterian Herald, Resources,

To assist agents in promoting the Herald within their congregation, various posters, PowerPoint slides, an ideas card and sign up sheet have been produced. These can be downloaded from the downloads box.

Some ideas to boost your subscriptions
  • At the beginning of each year spotlight the Herald at some point in one of your church services.
  • Ask your minister to feature one of the Herald articles on a regular basis.
  • Place copies of the Herald ‘Postcard’ in your pews. Extra copies of these are available from the Herald office.
  • Make sure that each new family joining your congregation is given a free copy of the magazine. Extra promotional copies of the Herald are available from the office at any time.
  • Enquire with your minister if the Kirk Session and Committee are all subscribers to the Herald. If not, suggest that they should be.
  • Make full use of the Herald poster around your church and church halls. Extra posters are available on request.
  • Is your Communicants Class fully aware of the Herald. Ask your minister to refer to the Herald and recommend that new communicants should be subscribing to the magazine. Could your congregation pay for the first years subscription for new communicants?
  • The Herald contains regular news and information about the Church at home and overseas. Are all the PW members subscribers to the Herald?
  • Take every opportunity within your congregation to promote /feature/ spotlight the Herald. Are all your congregational leaders subscribers?

These are just a few ideas for you to try out and hopefully to build up new subscribers for the Herald. If we can be of any help or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the office and we will be only too pleased to help.

The ideas card and the poster can also be downloaded from the Downloads Box.