Prayer Handbook

9.3.2016 | Prayer,

This resource is an invaluable supplement to our prayer life.

This year our General Assembly ‘Fit for Purpose’ theme is that we might be ‘a community of global concern’. Nothing is more helpful then than this PCI Prayer handbook to inform and transform our inadequate and introverted prayers into something large and focused.

By using the information contained within this guide, we are introduced to people, situations and circumstances which otherwise we might not know. We are given an insight into the work of the councils and personnel of our Church, serving at home and overseas. We are stimulated to think beyond the narrow confines of our own contexts and congregations.

In the book of Jonah, the disobedient believing prophet was reluctant to pray. The only times he prayed was when he found himself in trouble or had something to complain about. He was afraid if he spoke with God, God might have something to say to him and he might be changed by that experience. But God was not content that Jonah be narrowly constricted. God wanted to expand Jonah’s horizons. He wanted to inform Jonah of His great love for the world and transform Jonah into someone who cared for it in all its complexity and need. Jonah loved the grace of God when it was for himself but resented it when it was for others he did not know or care for, but God wanted to do a work of grace within Jonah’s heart and life for “Salvation belongs to the Lord”.

I warmly commend this Prayer handbook for your use privately, at family prayers, mid-week fellowship and in church services so that together as a people who have benefited from so much of God’s goodness and grace, we might in turn be a community of global concern.

Right Rev. Dr. Frank Sellar
Moderator of the General Assembly

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The Presbyterian Church in Ireland is involved in a range of interests both at home and further afield. The Prayer Handbook will keep you updated with the work of the Councils and Committees that goes on day and daily and will provide an insight into our witness across this island and around the world.

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