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Wider World is the magazine of Presbyterian Women.

We’ve been supporting women in the Presbyterian Church for over 130 years.

One of the ways we support women is through the Wider World magazine.

This section contains various articles previously published in the Wider World that you can now download and read at your leisure. 

Wider World


The message underlying the production of Wider World is that, “God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16).


When the first Presbyterian women missionaries set sail, groups were formed to support them in congregations throughout Ireland. For three years every letter from the fledgling missionaries was passed around these groups. By 1877 it was recognised that this was too slow a method of communication. It was then that a small leaflet called The Pink Paper was launched giving snippets of information from the various missionary letters coming from India. In 1886, due to increased interest in the expanding work, The Pink Paper became a more substantial publication entitled Woman’s Work. This title remained unchanged for over one hundred years until in 1988 Wider World was launched.


Wider World is the magazine produced by Presbyterian Women for women in our churches and our communities. It continues to give information about mission and articles from overseas mission personnel sit side by side with articles from deaconesses working in Ireland and information on PW Groups and events. The magazine also gives us with an opportunity to cover some of the more difficult issues faced by women today and to provide biblical insight on these pastoral issues and topical subjects. It is possible to deal with issues that are often sensitive and hard to deal with in our congregations or group settings, and yet these issues are real and not to be overlooked. Please do encourage your members and others in your church and community to read this excellent resource. 

Cost: Annual Subscription at £5/€6 or Individual Issues sold at £1.25/€1.50

Circulation: 16,000 copies, 4 issues each year

Publication Months: March, June, September & December

Coverage: 465 PW groups across Ireland and beyond

Wider World is also available on CD for blind and partially sighted people.


Most congregations have a Wider World agent who facilitates the distribution of the magazine, however alternative arrangements can be made if your congregation doesn’t have an agent.

Details can be obtained from the PW Office: pw@presbyterianireland.org

For all other enquiries with regards to the Wider World publication please email the Editor: widerworld@presbyterianireland.org

Any profits made from the sale of Wider World are reinvested in the work of PW as it seeks to extend Christ’s Kingdom.

Wider World in Audio

Wider World is available on CD for blind and partially sighted people and is produced by

Talking Newspapers,
East Belfast Network Centre,
55 Templemore Avenue,
Belfast BT5 4FP.

Our sincere thanks to Talking Newspapers and Winnie Moffett for coordinating this service.

For further details contact PW, Congregational Life and Witness Office +44 (0)28 9032 2284.