Prepared to Serve

9.3.2016 | Discipleship, Bible Study, Congregational Life,

A course that aims to help church members discover the spiritual gifts God has given them

Through six Bible studies and the use of a personal gift assessment, this course enables church members to discover the gifts God has given them for service (or confirm the gifts which they are already aware they have) and provides a biblical foundation for the use of gifts in the body of Christ. There are suggestions for further personal reflection and teaching on how to put the gifts into practice both in the church and as a witness to Christ in the world. A video accompanies the course which includes an introductory animation and a series of video interviews with people describing how they discovered and now use their God given gifts to serve Him and others. 

The six sessions are:

  1. Gifted to Serve: The Purpose of Spiritual Gifts
  2. Following the Giver’s Instructions: Biblical Teaching on Gifts
  3. Unwrapping the Gifts: Biblical Definitions of Spiritual Gifts
  4. A Heart to Serve: Identifying God-given Desires
  5. Round Pegs in Round Holes: Identifying Areas of Service
  6. What Next: Using and Developing Gifts

The videos are available to view or download – for free – on the PCI Vimeo channel.

Course materials can be ordered from the links above or by contacting the Congregational Life and Witness office:
Tel: +44 (0)28 9032 2284