Go Deep, Go Wide

28.5.2019 | Global Mission, Outreach,

In the busyness of congregational life and the immediate needs on our doorstep, it can be hard to prioritise our involvement in God’s work across the world as global disciples. Go Deep, Go Wide is a dual focus for increasing involvement in global mission within every congregation in PCI. 

Going Deep is about planting something with roots to grow. Experience shows that congregation’s best develop an active, involvement in global mission, by having at least one deep relationship with a particular person, place or project.

Going Wide recognises that God’s mission has many aspects to it across that world that we might miss if we only focus on a few deep relationships. With some planning and publicity we can utilise established denominational opportunities as we stretch our horizons to enable involvement in the breadth of God’s global mission.

Two videos have been produced to help congregations consider how they increase involvement in global mission. ‘Go Deep, Go Wide’ is an animation that gives an overview of the strategy and ‘Going Deep’ tells three stories of deep relationships from congregations across the denomination. These videos can be used in a church service to encourage greater global mission involvement.


PCI GO DEEP from Presbyterian Church in Ireland on Vimeo
This video has been produced to help congregations hear examples of how they might develop a deep relationship with a mission partner overseas as part of the Go Deep, Go Wide strategy.

PCI GO DEEP SUBTITLES from Presbyterian Church in Ireland on Vimeo.

Going Deeper, Going Wider was an event held on 25 February 2020 to help congregations think about how to go deeper and wider in building a lively involvement in global mission. 
Bryan Knell, the author of The Heart of Church and Mission, brought his vast experience of helping congregations of all shapes and sizes find their ways into God’s global mission.


In this first part, Bryan Knell deals with the challenge of mission within the established church.


In this second part, Bryan Knell deals with the question of how can we put mission at the heart of the church.

Additional resources to enable congregations identify and grow a deep relationship will be available here in the near future.