Global Mission Menu

29.6.2016 | General Assembly, Fit for Purpose, Global Mission,

Welcome to the 'Global Mission Menu'. It is designed to highlight – in one place – the many ways that we, as individuals, congregations and a denomination, can be further envisioned and equipped for and engaged in God's Global mission through the numerous resources and opportunities on offer through PCI.

There is a wide range of items available and so you can opt to work through several items, or alternatively, go straight to a particular item that satisfies your immediate need.

"While this menu has been developed to encourage congregational involvement in PCI's 2016/17 'Fit For Purpose' theme, I trust that its shelf-life will extend well beyond this year and will continue to be a useful guide to all that is available in and through our denomination to envision, equip and enable our members to even more fully engage in God's global mission as a "Community of Global concern."

Rev. Dr. Mark Welsh
Mission Development Officer

A community of global concern, learning from and sharing with our brothers and sisters in the world Church, while recognising with them those issues of concern for our stewardship of the world's resources where together we must challenge injustice, poverty and oppression in Jesus' name.