Valuable Leadership

25.8.2017 | Leadership, Congregational Life,

A resource to help leaders in congregations think together about what it looks like to lead well.

'Valuable Leadership' is a collection of six short videos (approx. five minutes each) designed to act as discussion starters for congregational leaders.

The first video acts as a foundation. The last video brings all the strands together to consider the overall picture of congregational leadership. The middle four videos can be used in any order. Discussion questions are given at the end of each video (showing one video and the following discussion takes about 15 to 20 minutes).

   Video one: What are our values? »

   Video two: Valuing achievements »

   Video three: Valuing learning »

   Video four: Valuing understanding emotions »

   Video five: Valuing the right focus »

   Video six: Valuing an outside perspective »

There are additional Bible study and devotions available to download above that complement the videos and discussion questions. Either or both can be used. These are in Microsoft Word format to allow them to be adapted or changed if desired. They include the discussion questions shown at the end of the video and suggested prayers. If you are using the devotional material, it is suggested it is read in advance of the video. If you are using the Bible study questions after showing the video allow about 15 or 20 minutes extra (about 30 to 40 minutes total).

The videos and additional material can be used in various settings, for example:

  • As the core material for an away day or training evenings
  • Using the videos as a series at the start of a regular meeting (one video per meeting), for example, Kirk Session, congregational committee or at a meeting of small group, Sunday school or youth leaders
  • Using the videos one to one with a leader who is being mentored
  • Using the videos for your own personal reflection to help you grow as a leader

Note: with Kirk Sessions and congregational committees, when the question is asked about your leadership, the answer should include the impact of your collective leadership because these groups in particular are intended to lead together. It is also important for elders and committee members to think about how their leadership as individuals influences the rest of the group in what they say (or don’t say) in the meeting.

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