Opening up to God

17.8.2020 | Leadership,

Resource for kirk sessions or organisational leaders

During the period of the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown of church life we have learned a lot about ourselves as congregations. There are things we have always done that we had to stop doing that we have never appreciated the way we do now. There are things we could never have imagined we could do that have become potential new strings to our bow.

In this moment of leading out of lockdown we need to open up to God, prayerfully discerning what he wants us to return to as a congregation, retain from what we have learned in lockdown and reassess in terms of what we might decide to stop doing or do differently.

This short one off session combines some questions, a visual picture and a few next steps to help leaders work through a conversation designed to illuminate God’s way ahead.

Download the three page booklet as a PDF from the menu above.

You can also sign up to webinars as Opening up to God is explored in more detail:

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