Practical support

5.5.2021 | Congregational Life, Youth and Children,


Youth ministry – Practical support

Here are some resources to help with the practical side of organising youth ministry, especially in the current circumstances. 



All youth activity should be approved by Kirk Session who will want to ensure that it is suitable to the needs of the congregation and fits with the latest guidelines for gathering. General guidelines for gathering in youth ministry are available as a PDF for congregations in Northern Ireland here or for congregations in the Republic of Ireland here.

Taking Care in Mentoring Ministry

Many congregations are finding great benefit in formal or informal mentoring schemes, or one-to-one contact in person or online. The following interim guidance for this kind of ministry has been issued to ensure it develops in as safe a manner as possible for all involved.   

Social Media and Video Conferencing with Children / Young People

Many congregations have been using online methods of engaging with young people since the start of the pandemic and it is likely that this will continue to form part of our ministry. Safeguarding is as important in the ‘virtual’ world as in the ‘real’ world, and therefore, the same rules should apply. Advice and best practice on safe practice can be found here.

Online consent form

PCI has created a template for an online version of the multi-purpose consent form as contained in the Taking Care Guidelines for inclusion in the Youth App from PCI. This makes it easier for parents to complete the form and avoids the need for physical forms which are problematic in the current circumstances. As outlined in the form, to use this you will need to save a copy to your own church Google Drive and then edit it with your own details, ensuring it is up to date with current guidelines and the particular needs of your congregation. Before setting up an online form, it is essential to consult with your minister and Designated Person and ensure also that you have suitable protocols for the protection of this data, as you would for physical forms. The form is available here.

Event permission form

You can download a template for an online event form here. This can be useful when you need to have an accurate record of names and numbers for planning in person events.  You will need to save a copy of this to your church Google Drive and edit it with the details of your own event, ensuring it is suitable for current circumstances and guidelines. The form is available here.