Youth Ministry Basics

29.8.2018 | Congregational Life, Children, Youth and Family, Children, Youth and Family,

Training sessions for youth leaders to use at their convenience!

Youth Ministry Basics is a series of short youth training sessions designed to be used with a group of leaders at a time, place and manner that suits them. The sessions can be run in a variety of ways, but the emphasis is on prioritising training by creating a space that is not burdensome. For example, they could be used after church, before the young people arrive for your organisation, or during a regular team meeting. Use them creatively to help your consider why we do what we do with young people.

Each of the five sessions features video training by world-renowned youth ministry trainer, Dr Duffy Robbins, Professor of Christian Ministries at Grove City College, Pennsylvania. The sessions are:

  • Building Effective Relationships with Teenagers
  • Building Teenage Christian Maturity
  • Engaging with Teenagers
  • Effective Communication with Teenagers part 1
  • Effective Communication with Teenagers part 2

Each session has an accompanying sheet, downloadable from the box to the right. This will explain how to use the video and provides some discussion material, but does not assume that the person organising the session has any previous training experience. The sessions can vary in length to suit the time available, but would ideally be around 30 minutes long.


These videos are free to download, but leaders are required to register first, which they can do below.

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