22.2.2021 | Congregational Life, Youth and Children,

Equip young people to live well when they feel their life shaken.


The Shaken resources have all been allocated.

This page will be updated if further resources become available.

A simple way for your congregation to make a big difference to families, children and young people struggling with the impact of the pandemic.

Living through the Covid-19 pandemic is difficult for everyone. It brings particular strains on family life, challenges for children and stress to the lives of young people. As we continue to experience a scattered and disrupted church life, it is doubly difficult for congregations to respond pastorally and to encourage following Jesus closely in these days.

Through funding provided by the Education Authority Northern Ireland, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland is able to offer congregations two free resources.

Shaken resource for young people

Equip young people to live well when they feel their life shaken.

This biblical and practical resource has been designed to help young people trust in our unshakable God and make good choices to live well when they feel their life shaken. It can be used individually, or as part of a group offering pastoral and discipleship support.

Uniquely made and loved by God, there will be a way for each of us to uniquely cope with the difficult things in our difficult days. The resource is both a 68 page booklet and a game. Roll a 20 sided dice and the number it lands on introduces a range of coping mechanisms to try.

Shaken has been described by youth professionals as “timely”, “topical”, and an “accessible resource to help young people take control of their emotional lives.”

Find out more here.

This resource is provided to congregations through a generous grant from the Education Authority Northern Ireland. Regrettably this restricts orders to congregations in Northern Ireland.

Shaken leaders’ guide

For £5 a SHAKEN Leaders' Guide can be purchased directly from Big House. This pdf contains four detailed step-by-step session plans to use alongside SHAKEN workbooks. Each section includes icebreakers, Youtube links, conversation starters, and reflective questions designed to help you lead your group through SHAKEN (either online or face to face). As well as practical tips and advice.

Order the leaders’ guide here.