29.8.2017 | Discipleship, Congregational Life, Youth and Children,

A four-session resource for young people learning the lessons of covenant for life today.

Based on the material presented at Youth Night 2017, this is a brand new resource from the
Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI) for use in youth groups.


(Un)Faithful is a brand new resource written with Presbyterian youth groups in mind. PCI wants to support leaders in their crucial task of making disciples of teenagers and this four session resource is designed to be used flexibly in any youth group.  Each session includes:

  • video material
  • activities
  • small group questions

The small group questions can be adapted according to the needs of each group.

(Un)Faithful starts with the Book of Hosea and uses a covenant theology framework. Four sessions will help young people understand the blessings and responsibilities of being part of God’s covenant people, but will also help them address from that biblical viewpoint the three key tasks of growing up – establishing belonging, identity and significance as God intended.

The four sessions are:

Session 1: (Un)Faithful

In the midst of a messy world, God is faithful. In contrast to our unfaithfulness, God is faithful. What does the book of Hosea teach us about our relationship with God?

Sessions 2-4 will look at issues through the framework of covenant theology, featuring new talks on video and other supporting materials:

Session 2: Belonging

God is faithful to us – and he gives us a covenant community that guides, helps and encourages us to be faithful to him. What part does actively belonging to the local church play in God's plan for our faithful walk with him?

Session 3: Identity

Who am I? We live in a confused and broken world. What if the answers to our identity crisis lie in understanding what it means to be part of God’s covenant people?

Session 4: Living and Serving

When we live in covenant with God, we flourish, and pour blessing into those around us; we become who He really created us to be, an active part of His restoration of everyone, and everything, around us

The material will be flexible so that leaders can adapt it for their setting, and seeks to help young people understand key lessons from the Bible, reflect on what this means in their lives and take steps to apply it.

The new resource is a free download, but leaders are required to register their group first, which they can do below.  The introduction document to (Un)Faithful can be downloaded above.

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