Resources for return to church life

25.8.2020 | Congregational Life,

Some resources specially developed for returning to church life

Digital conference

PCI’s first digital conference is now available for congregational use. With present restrictions on gatherings, we cannot come together for conferencing and events in the usual way. Instead, we share the challenge and encouragement of this digital conference at this crucial moment of a very irregular season of our denomination’s life and witness.

As part of the new Refined digital programme for supporting and developing congregational life and witness, the conference material offers encouragement to reflect on recent circumstances and seek God’s leading and guiding for this next season of church life together. 

Neil Hudson, author of Imagine Church and Scattered and Gathered and a long-standing friend of PCI, brings a voice from outside our denomination, calling us back to God’s Word as we find it in Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians. A panel discussion teases out the application of some of what Neil has said to us in PCI at this time. Other features invite us to personally reflect and respond to God in prayer and praise.

The first version (50 minutes) features the message from Neil Hudson based on 1 Corinthians 3: 9-17 and a panel discussion between the Moderator, Dr David Bruce and Rev Nigel McCullough, facilitated by Rick Hill, PCI's Discipleship Development Officer. The conference concludes with a prayer.

The reduced version (28 minutes) of the conference features the message from Neil Hudson based on 1 Corinthians 3: 9-17 and concludes with a prayer.


Perspectives from the pandemic experience

Prism is part biblical reflection, part framework for discussion, part practical response and part encouragement to take fresh faith in God. The content is intentionally more open and flexible than other familiar patterns of Bible study material.

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Opening up to God

Resource for kirk sessions or organisational leaders

In this moment of leading out of lockdown we need to open up to God, prayerfully discerning what he wants us to return to as a congregation, retain from what we have learned in lockdown and reassess in terms of what we might decide to stop doing or do differently.

This short one off session combines some questions, a visual picture and a few next steps to help leaders work through a conversation designed to illuminate God’s way ahead.


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Programming for the next season of children’s and youth ministry in distanced and digital ways

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Stay safe at church

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