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Inspiring women, living for Jesus


Inspirations is a resource for women’s ministry filled with engaging, relevant and thought-provoking content. The resource is designed to provide women’s ministry leaders with programme ideas, devotionals and creative guides based on biblical themes.

Introduction To the New Inspirations 2023/24 – ‘Being Transformed’

‘Being Transformed’ is the essence of our journey with Christ. This is a journey like no other. One which should lead us, as followers of Christ, to become more like him in everything we do. This takes time and has to be constantly worked on for the rest of our life on earth so, as a theme, it can be used at any time and in various settings. Our key verse is again from the words of Paul, this time from Romans 12:2, ‘Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – His good, pleasing and perfect will.’

Through this issue of Inspirations, we want to think explore what being transformed in Christ looks like – how it affects our mind, our emotions and our behaviour, the way we live it out from day to day. Our transformation in Christ won’t be complete until we reach Heaven but, until then, God wants us to grow in spiritual maturity with the help of his Holy Spirit. The scene is set at the beginning by putting our key verse in context and emphasising the important phrases within it. As always, we would encourage you to use the material provided here in whatever way will work best in your particular setting. Some of the material has been written in such a way that it can be divided up and used as an epilogue or with a small group or perhaps at a retreat. This, along with the various suggestions and presentation ideas, makes this resource flexible for use within your ministry among women of all ages.

The Resource Menu provides a variety of theme-related suggestions for books to read, Bible studies for individual or group use, Bible passages, hymns and songs, along with a drama, icebreakers and a list of ideas for projects and activities. The Inspirations Subgroup prays that, as you use this resource, both you and the women with whom you share it, will move closer to being ‘imitators of God, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.’ (Ephesians 5:1-2)

You can purchase our new Inspirations | Being Transformed resource above or order through the Presbyterian Women office – or +44 (0)28 9041 7257. 

To make it easier for every committee member or team member to see these resources, digital copies are available to purchase and download. For those who prefer hard copies, you can buy as many of those as you need. Your planning will benefit from the input of all the members of your committee or leadership team if each one has prayerfully read through the resources beforehand.

Inspirations: Pricing

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Inspirations 2022/23 | Deeper Together

A Women’s Ministry Resource

This edition of Inspirations is full of ideas to help you plan for your women’s ministry group within your congregation.

Our key verse is taken from Romans 12:10 | “Be devoted to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves.” This Deeper Together issue of Inspirations has been prayerfully and thoughtfully written to help you do just that. There are five programmes with varying formats: Deeper Together as Disciples, Deeper Together across the Generations, Deeper Together in Knowing God, Deeper Together in Prayer, Deeper Together in Action. These programme ideas can be used individually, however, the women you minister to (whether that is in a PW group or a different form of ministry among women) will gain the most benefit if you work your way through them all in order. Perhaps you have only ever used one or two programmes from an edition of Inspirations. Could now be the time for a different approach?

Ordering Inspirations | Deeper Together

You can still purchase the Inspirations | Deeper Together resource, now at a reduced rate, above or order through the Presbyterian Women office – or +44 (0)28 9041 7257.

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Deeper Together Video Devotions

Presbyterian Women President for 2022/2023 Esther Parker explores Deeper Devotion

Libby Russell explores Deeper Roots

Linda Beattie explores Deeper Knowledge

Ann Wilson explores Deeper Humility

Carolyn Patterson finishes off the video devotion series Deeper Together


Inspirations 2020/22 | Side by Side 

In light of the challenges that all PW groups will face during the incoming session, it was decided to extend the 2020/21 theme of Side by Side for a further twelve months. The free PDF can be downloaded here



Using Inspirations

To learn more about the heart behind the creation of Inspirations, you can download and read the resource guide.

Inspirations is about inspiring women to go deeper in their faith. It’s about encouraging them to live in close proximity as disciples of Christ. It’s about equipping them to live lives that intentionally draw others into the heart of God. Inspirations has been designed to resource leaders in their service of, and devotion to, Jesus Christ across the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.


Downloadable Side by Side Resources
Downloadable Handouts (pdf) Programme Powerpoints

Ideas for Getting Side by Side Conversation Starters

Programme 1: Side by Side Intergenerationally

Programme 2: Side by Side Caring for Each Other Prompt Cards

Programme 3: Side by Side in Hospitality

Programme 5: Side by Side in Prayer

Programme 6: Side by Side with the Holy Spirit

Blank Side by side themed slides

Caring for each other Side by side

Side by side devotions

Side by side in hospitality

Side by side in Prayer

Side by side Intergenerationally

Side by side with the Holy Spirit