PW Inspirations

12.6.2017 | Presbyterian Women,

Inspirations unpacks the theme in lots of different ways to make it as relevant and interesting as possible. It contains a wide range of material including short devotional thoughts for the beginning of meetings, epilogues, music resources, relevant Bible passages, as well as icebreaker suggestions. In addition, there are complete programmes for groups to use as the main item at their meeting. These vary in length and can be adapted to suit different needs.

PowerPoint slides to accompany INSPIRATIONS.

Slides have been produced to accompany some of the items in Inspirations. Click on the link in the downloads box to download the Grow and bear fruit slides.

How to obtain copies of INSPIRATIONS

To obtain Inspirations please contact the PW staff in Assembly Buildings where they are available at a cost of £5/€6 each. If a hard copy has already been purchased an electronic version is available by emailing (hard copies of Inspirations are distributed to every PW Group at the spring PW Link meetings).

A preview of the 2017-2018 Grow and bear fruit edition of INSPIRATIONS...
Opening Devotions

This year the opening devotions are entitled ‘Fruit for thought’. Based on Scripture verses containing the word 'fruit', each contains an important biblical truth. They are intended to be used at the beginning of a meeting to set the tone.  


Here is a brief summary of the eight main programmes in Inspirations this year to help women understand more of what it means to grow and bear fruit.

  • “You’ll grow into it!” A reminder of how we often have to grow if we are to fulfil the tasks and responsibilities to which God has called us.
  • Back to school. A visit to the classroom encouraging women to make progress, be productive and remember their purpose.
  • Blossom where you are planted. A call to be WHERE you are, WHO you are and WHAT you are.
  • Grumbles and giants.  A look at two stalwarts of the faith, Joshua and Caleb, and their enthusiasm for the Lord in later life. They saw the giants but did not grumble.
  • Fruit-fool?  A coffee shop encounter gives fresh perspective on the parable of the rich fool before challenging women to be ‘rich towards God’.
  • The Vine connection. A five point lesson in fruitfulness based on Jesus’ well known teaching in John chapter 15. Be connected... Be growing... Be fruitful... Be pruned... Be glorifying.    
  • ‚Äč“Grow, Christian, Grow!” An encouragement to grow up in salvation with an accompanying Bible Study on the same theme.
  • Any fruit on the menu this Christmas? A trip to Bethlehem where a sacrifice of praise was the fruit of more than one set of lips. Christmas carols are suggested as part of this programme to allow women to likewise praise God in the run up to the Christmas season.