5.10.2021 | Congregational Life, Discipleship,


Essentials is a multi-session course that aims to help followers of Jesus reflect on and live out the essentials of discipleship. Designed for use in small groups, midweek settings or specific courses, Essentials draws on a range of voices, insights, teaching and testimonies from right across the church.

The resource provides 8 videos of around 15 minutes in length, packed full of bible teaching, personal testimony and practical application. The videos walk participants through the journey of discipleship by drawing on passages from the life and ministry of Jesus, right from the call of the first disciples to their commissioning into his mission. The sessions unpack how it is essential for disciples to come to Jesus, respond to his call, share in community, take their place in culture, reflect his courage, accept the cost, take up his challenge and continue with Christ.

An accompanying participants’ manual is also provided, helping group members to fully engage in both the video teaching and group conversation. Each section of the manual is packed full of bible passages to look up, questions to consider, extra quotes to reflect on and space to write your response. 

To order the Essential resource please use the purchase link on the right hand side (£1 per order)

This will provide with a printed version of the Essentials booklet and an access code to enable you to download the videos, as well as additional resources such as a Leaders Guide and an Essentials Preaching Plan. 

Alternatively you can order this resource directly through the Council for Congregational Life and Witness office (Email: or tel: +44 (0)28 9032 2284)