Bite-size Module 2 – Church

Module 2: Church

The second module is on the theme of Church and will enable youth leaders to help young people understand what the Bible teaches about church. 

The key message through the sessions is that our intimate connection with Jesus and, through him, with his people the church, equips us to live for him as we carry his name and presence as hope to the world.

This module includes an optional introductory session, followed by five sessions of Bite-size: CHURCH which teach five pictures of the church found in the book of Ephesians.

Contained in the Church PDF resource:

  • Introduction Session – CHURCH: The people of God, not a building.
  • Session 1. The church is like a FAMILY: The family of God which gives us our identity, belonging and care.
  • Session 2. The church is like a BODY: The body of Christ to which each of us is joined as a vital part.
  • Session 3. The church is like a BRIDE: The bride of Christ who loves us forever, unbreakably united.
  • Session 4. The church is like an ARMY: The army of God, equipped together for battle.
  • Session 5. The church is like a TEMPLE: The temple of God, where he lives with us and in us.

This resource is free and can be ordered using the form below  It should be used in conjunction with the Leaders’ Guide which is available to download here. Further resources referenced in the session are also listed below.

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The following are referenced in this module:

  • Mr Bean video – a search on YouTube will find various clips of the episode where Mr Bean goes to church and struggles to cope with some aspects of church culture. Depending on your time, the clip could last from 1 to 9 minutes.
  • The up to date number of congregations in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland can be found at:
  • Useful videos, both called “What is Church?” are available on YouTube: (from Central Films, a simple animation about the church and mission); (from LifeKids, an animation that works for a wide range of ages).
  • Unfaithful resource including Jonny’s story (“Family” session 1) and Tori’s story (“Body” session 2) is available free from
  • Kev’s story is called “From Special Forces to Finding Jesus” – ensure it is appropriate for your group.
  • The gospel song “We Are Soldiers in the Army” will bring joy to the most jaded hearts – search for it on YouTube. Rev James Cleveland version is a powerful couple of minutes!
  • The Bible Project video “Temple” is a clever graphic depiction of the history of God’s temple, from David and Solomon to Revelation and today. Find it free at or download it from YouTube.

These games are suggested in the module:

Other resources

You should aim to reshape all interactive content in a way which works best for your group.

The following is a list of some good generic ideas that may work well for you:

Further reading that may help your understanding of the church as you prepare to read.

  • Don’t Call it a Comeback (2011) by Kevin DeYoung (Ed)– chapter 16 “The Local Church: Not Always Amazing, But Always Loved by Jesus” by Thabiti Anyabwille
  • Why We Love the Church (2009) Kevin DeYoung and Ted Kluck

 * “Grow Games” from “Stuff You Can Use” is free but requires you to sign up with a social media account.