All the days of my life: Finding faith in later life

3.2.2022 | Congregational Life,

All the days of my life is a resource produced by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland in partnership with Faith in Later Life. It offers a six session, light touch, evangelistic tool specifically designed for use with those in later life. 

Walking participants through Psalm 23, it aims to bring to light an awareness of God’s presence throughout life as those who use it look back, then to gently facilitate a response of faith and trust in the Good Shepherd. 

It may be used individually, one to one, or in a range of small group settings in a church, residential facility or private home. 

The format of each session 

Each session follows the same format:

  • Beginning with a verse(s) from Psalm 23
  • The introduction of a strong visual image to start conversation and bridge the gap between text and life
  • The offer of a question to open up various aspects of the participant's life story
  • A short piece of text which can be read with participants to raise awareness of some aspect of God's presence in different seasons of life with the aim of increasing recognition of him in retrospect, in the present or future
  • The introduction of Jesus as the Good Shepherd from a selection of sections in the New Testament 
  • Concluding with a short prayer that can also act as personal response in the moment and/or build towards a full appreciation of what it means to profess faith in Christ.

Find out more about Faith in Later Life here Faith in Later Life

A users' guide to help get the most from this resource is also available to download.